Jin Shinjitzu, Accupressure, Crystal Therapy, Healing, Stress Relief

Jin Shinjitzu, Accupressure, Crystal Therapy, Healing, Stress Relief

Monday, July 8, 2019

Announcing My New Name: Toni Astara Love!

In October, I very joyfully changed my name from Toni Ann Crotty to Toni Astara Love. 

I had no idea how empowering it would be to choose my own name. I feel so much more aligned, and so motivated to express the fullness of who I am as a unique individual. 

If you are curious why I chose these names. My new name is a return to my birth initials. (My brother married a woman named Toni, so my sister-in-law has had my maiden name for decades.) Twenty some years after my divorce, I finally found a name that feels right for me. I have always liked Toni, so I am happy to keep that. Astara means powerful and complete. She is the Goddess of Springtime, and the Angel of Reaching for the Stars. My spiritual practice is to stay in the state of unconditional love as often as possible, so Love feels appropriate for me. 

After having a name for decades, there are innumerable things of varying importance that carry your name. 
I set out to change the most important things first. And of course I have to change less important things as they come up, day by day. It is like having another job.Though I do it joyfully, affirming myself, and the joy of having a choice, each time. 

What I hadn't anticipated was that I would change my idea of how I want to be in the world, and how I want to be of service. For example, I am still dancing. Though instead of dancing primarily Ballroom with the seniors, and a little Swing/Lindy Hop with the younger set, I am dancing primarily Folk Dancing, with some Kizomba, and a little Ballroom. 

I am expanding my idea of how I can be of service. I am particularly interested in teaching strategies for Peaceful Living in Anxious Times. I have taken training to learn how to offer online courses, so I can reach beyond my local audience, to help meet this pressing need. 

My website will likely be changing over time, and eventually, I will have time for blogging again. Though at this point in the transition, you are up to date. Since computers seem to have the memory of an elephant, I may appear online as either Toni Ann Crotty or Toni Astara Love forever. Know that it is all me.  

Love and Blessings,