Jin Shinjitzu, Accupressure, Crystal Therapy, Healing, Stress Relief

Jin Shinjitzu, Accupressure, Crystal Therapy, Healing, Stress Relief

What Clients Say

Carpal Tunnel Relieved
Doing a regular schedule of Acupressure/Jin Shin Jyutsu® treatments was the best thing I ever did for myself. I avoided surgery and regained strength in wrists weakened by carpal tunnel so I can once again enjoy computer work and gardening. Whoopee! 
- Jean K.

Complete Recovery from Stroke
I am firmly convinced that the early application, frequent and regular Acupressure/Jin Shin Jyutsu® sessions ensured my amazingly rapid and complete physical recovery from a recent stroke. Toni's empathy, sensitivity and healing soul are very potent. Her counseling, and healing arts integrated with the effective, non-invasive healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu®, have been the foundation of a personal transformation enabling me to enjoy a healthier and more satisfying life. 
- Carlos D.

Healing Touch and Wise Counsel
In her beautiful sanctuary home-office Toni offers healing touch and wise counsel for mending body and soul. Toni supports her clients in myriad ways, so that rather than feeling alone on your healing journey, she joins with you as a supportive coach on your healing team. I highly recommend Toni Crotty’s work for anyone feeling the stresses and strains of modern urban living. 
- Patrice Wynne, founder GAIA Bookstore and Cultural Center

Support through a difficult health crisis
Toni is a wonderful healer - she brings a unique blend of listening and counseling skills, health knowledge, and alternative therapies to the task of optimizing health.  Her manner is very kind and caring and she has created an atmosphere that is nurturing and calming. But make no mistake; she is all business when it comes to working with health concerns, whether it is to provide treatments or to teach the treatments to be done at home.  She has helped me enormously through a very difficult health crisis and given me tools to help myself now and in the future. As a Western medicine practitioner myself, I admit, I am not sure that the modalities that she is using are grounded in evidence "Western Medicine style" - but each treatment seems to improve some major health issues in clearly discernible ways. A more understanding, caring and capable practitioner you will not find... Enjoy her! 
- Arlyss PhD, RN, FNP

PMS symptoms eliminated
Toni’s touch is a very powerful one. Her hands radiate heat and restore balance so after a session I feel transformed. My body feels light and aligned, and circulation to my extremities is restored. I feel clear-headed, emotionally aware, and less affected by the symptoms of PMS. I am able to interact peacefully and put everyday concerns into perspective. I am so grateful! 
- Dana S.

When Western Medicine Could Not Help
I have used Toni C. services for 10+ years and I have great regards for her treatments and professionalism. She has been quite helpful to me in many ailing situations (i.e., muscle spasms, chronic pain, depression, sleep deprivation, shingles, Bell’s Palsy.) when western medicine doctors were not able to treat me. Ms. Toni C.'s know-how in the field of holistic medicine has been a blessing to me and the many others who she has treated. I highly recommend her services.  
- Louise

Support During Pregnancy
I am so grateful to be working with Toni during my pregnancy! Her Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions are both relaxing and rejuvenating, and have become an integral part of my self-care during my third trimester. It is very comforting to receive care from someone with Toni's level of expertise and wisdom, I feel deeply supported by her work. 
- Jenny S.

Reflux During Pregnancy Eliminated
Toni has an amazing healing touch. She has treated me for pregnancy induced reflux, varicose veins and the stress of trying to care for my first child and my pregnant self. During each session I could feel the stress leave my body and the healing energy enter. I left feeling renewed. Toni is a natural teacher, and gave me instructions on how to perform certain Acupressure techniques while on my own. After my baby was born, she even helped calm my sleepless baby to sleep using Acupressure and Jin Shin Jyutsu® (a miracle for any weary mother). 
- Mary C.

Anxiety and Insomnia Eased
Again and again I would drag myself into Toni's office, in full zombie mode from my insomnia and regular anxiety attacks.  By the end of the hour, I felt like I had a full night's sleep and almost forgot why I needed to come in in the first place! I have practiced many healing modalities and am thankful for all of them, but Jin Shin Jyutsu seems on its own plane, from the precise diagnosis, to the astoundingly impactful gentle touch series. And of course, Toni knows what she is doing. I really enjoy that she is 1. A great JSJ practitioner, 2. A great listener, 3. A creative problem-solver, 4. A flower essences practitioner and 5. A mother. All of these combine in her to make her one of the most helpful, insightful, and funny healers I've ever met! 
- Christina F.

Compassionate Approach
Toni is a beautiful spirit who exudes the Love and Light she helps bring out in her clients. She is adept at several different energy modalities and is constantly learning more. Toni approaches her clients with compassion and without judgment and takes a genuine interest in their well-being. She is a real gem and I highly recommend her! 
- Debra K-G

Healing Neuropathy Pain
Toni has just steered me through a difficult bout with neuropathy pain. I arrived at her doorstep spent and scared. Between her empathy, her wise counseling and her healing touch, I felt I had found just the right person to help me through a very frightening experience. I'm on my feet again in many ways and feel much of it is thanks to Toni and her wonderful sense of humor. 
- Kathleen M.   

Caring Support Toni is a caring, conscientious, knowledgeable, detailed oriented, results oriented professional. She is a great listener, knowledgeable in her field, assesses client condition, and communicates clearly. Toni goes out of her way to provide services with a strategy, which is most useful for the client. She provides caring support and is unconditional in her care while professional at the same time.

Help Through Cancer Treatments Toni has kept me going through a difficult cancer prognosis, and I feel good regardless of what the lab results show, Toni provides Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions on a regular basis and I believe she has been one of the sources of alternative healing that has helped keep me alive and feeling good through this process. 
- Loretta H.

Relief from Stress and Trauma I received several Jin Shin Jyutsu® sessions that helped to return my mind/body/spirit to a place of balance. I would arrive at Toni's office exhausted, overwhelmed and tense, and leave calm, relaxed and energized. I realized, once again, how valuable it is to have hands-on healing work to help support the body during a stressful or traumatic time.  
- Atava G-S

Crystal Resonance Therapy I highly recommend crystal resonance therapy! I experienced  profound transformation in my own energy and in my life, after just one session. Doorways opened for me that I had not even seen as possibilities before my work with Toni. She is a sensitive, caring, and gifted healer, and her work with the crystals is very powerful. 
- Jenny S. 

Deeply Relaxing During the session with Toni I felt deeply relaxed -- even transported -- and afterward, I experienced a definite shift in energy. It was a wonderful experience. 
- Jim R. 

Flower Essence Healing
We had to move because we could no longer afford our house due to the economic fall. Toni made specific flower essences for each member of our family since we were all going through different emotions about the move. She asked specific and thoughtful questions, and the next day showed up with a remedy for each person according to their unique need.  

Stress Relief The results were amazing and the transition went very well. It is not just the power of the flower essences that made our lives so much better at this difficult time, but Toni's knowledge of them and her compassionate way she works with people under stress. Toni, my whole family is grateful beyond words. 
- Cheryl S.