Jin Shinjitzu, Accupressure, Crystal Therapy, Healing, Stress Relief

Jin Shinjitzu, Accupressure, Crystal Therapy, Healing, Stress Relief

Self-Care How-To's


Jin Shin Jyutsu - Main Central Flow

Read the following image as a recipe for connecting with source energy.

Attitudes & Fingers

Emotions are healthy energy meant to flow through us. When we get stuck in one emotion, it becomes a stressful “attitude.” Attitudes block the energy flow necessary for feeling well. Holding the finger related to the emotion can release the attitude and increase the energy flow. 

HOW TO: Hold one finger at a time with the opposite hand. Or make a circle by putting the pad of the thumb over the fingernail of the finger you want to hold.


Beginning Jin Shin Jyustu® Self-Help & Self-Acupressure

Energy follows intention
So before beginning, be clear on your intention to move the energy in your body into balance. Being fully present in the moment will add to your effectiveness. Imagine your hands as jumper cables. Simply placing your hands allows the life energy to flow.

Close counts in Jin Shin Jyutsu® and Acupressure® 
Feel the area that looks like the location of the safety energy lock or Acupressure point. If you find a particularly tender of tense spot, noticeably warm or cold spot, a widely pulsating or ‘dad’ spot, that is likely that place needing attention. Use your instincts and trust your intuition. If you get anywhere within 3 munches, the safety energy lock will be affected. The universal life energy will penetrate clothing, bandages, casts and braces. If a certain area cannot be touched or is missing, touching above the surface or on the opposite side of the body will also be effective. Remember that everything in the body is interconnected.

How much pressure do I use?
Jin Shin Jyutsu and Acupressure work on the subtle energy system in the body. The process is about moving energy, not about mechanical manipulation. In Jin Shin Jyutsu, pressure is not necessary. For self-care. I recommend gentle touch using fingers, thumbs, and/or all parts of the hand for most comfort. You can also use other body parts to comfortably and discreetly reach your safety energy locks. Be creative! Although the amount of pressure used varies in different styles of Acupressure, heavy pressure is not necessary. For self-care, I recommend gently or slightly firm pressure, slow rubbing or kneading, or brisk polishing, using fingers, thumbs, and all parts of the hand and upper arms. Your feet and objects such as tennis balls and heating pads can also be used effectively in self-acupressure. 

Does it hurt?
Jin Shin Jyutsu and Acupressure are not meant to be painful. Firm pressure on tender places may be uncomfortable. Try a lighter touch or even lift fingertips above the surface of the body to avoid subjecting yourself to pain. In Acupressure, firm pressure may feel like just what is needed on some points. You be the judge of what is best without subjecting yourself to outright pain. This is important because pain causes tension which takes the body away from balance. remember you may sit, stand, lie down for comfort and convenience. It is important for both giver and receiver to be in relaxed positions.

How long does it take?
It is best to hold the safely energy lock or Acupressure point until you feel steady pulsation or warmth or some sign of energy releasing. This could take differing amounts of time. With Jin Shin Jyutsu, use 2 to 20 minutes as a general guideline. With Acupressure, try 1-3 minutes. Any amount will be helpful. Remember to TRUST YOUR INTUITION!

What to expect
Each person is unique and will have an individual experience of Jin Shin Jyutsu and Acupressure. Relaxation is a common response. Warmth, pulsation, movement such as twitching, gurgling or melting are all signs of energy moving. Since energy travels along flows throughout the body, sensations may be experienced in other body parts. This is a normal part of the process. You could benefit by holding those places as well. Should have any reactions that concern you, do not hesitate to call me.