Jin Shinjitzu, Accupressure, Crystal Therapy, Healing, Stress Relief

Jin Shinjitzu, Accupressure, Crystal Therapy, Healing, Stress Relief

Thursday, October 2, 2014

How I Learned to Be More Grounded Using Astrology & Crystals, And How You Can Feel More Balanced, Too.

My Big Aha!

In midlife, I became aware that I had experienced my whole life from either outside my body, or only in my head. Fortunately, at the same time, I learned that living life in my whole body was an option. In fact, it was a much richer and more fulfilling option.

So I began exploring how I might attain this unfamiliar state of occupying my entire body. One of the first techniques that worked was using outstretched arms to gather up all my energy that was dispersed around me, and then using my hands to push it down into my body.

I could feel the energy come in, though it all stayed in my head. One day, I was inspired to visualize that I was putting a ladder down my neck, and climbing down out of my head, into my body. It worked. I had awareness of myself occupying all my body for the first time.

Toni Wearing Jasper Fish
Still I needed energy grounding practices and meditations, and strong awareness and intention, to keep me grounded. To me, being grounded meant aware that I was occupying my body, walking on the earth. It didn’t come naturally to me.

For a time, I wore magnets around my ankles to keep pulling my energy down out of my head. Next, I was able to trade in the magnets for an anklet made of garnet crystals. It worked, though I didn’t know why.

What I Learned About Being in Balance

The answer came much later, in Naisha Ashian’s Astrology webinar. I felt so fascinated when I learned that the astrological signs are related to the elements, (Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind) just like crystals are related to the elements, and carry elemental energy. I decided right away to check my astrological birth chart for my elemental balance. (A record of where the planets were positioned at the moment of birth.)

I was not at all surprised that I am low on Earth element planets in relation to the other elements. Though I was shocked that of the twelve planets in my birth chart, I have no Earth element planets at all. Zero. Zip.

The Earth element represents our physical body and our ability to feel grounded, so it is a stabilizing force much needed to meet physical survival needs. Wow. I came in with none.

Earth operates in polarity to Wind, and guess what? Wind was stealing the show. I have seven planets in Wind. The Wind element governs all mental processes. No wonder I was in my head!

Then I discovered that I had only one Water element planet. The Water element rules movement in the body, our emotions, communication, and relationships. None of those are good to be without.  
Water operates in polarity to Fire. My four Fire element planets give me creativity, passion, and the ability to take action, so I didn’t miss the Water as much as I missed the Earth. Though I can still feel the imbalance.

So as the saying goes, knowledge is power. I quickly learned which stones carry earth element energy. I found that the garnet in my anklet carries earth element energy, which is clearly needed for my elemental balance. Now I understood why it felt grounding to me. 

What I Did To Balance Myself

Hematite Heart Necklace

I bought some crystal beads and stretch cord, and started making myself simple bracelets and necklaces. First I created some earth element bracelets, anklets, and necklaces. You can see in the photos my earth element hematite heart necklace and bracelet, and my red jasper fish necklace above. None were expensive, though all are very effective.

My black tourmaline bracelet is in the photo with the moonstone bracelet. I loved those moonstone beads, though was aware that they carry Wind element energy. So I put some earth element stones with them, and I feel fine wearing the bracelet.

Hematite Bracelet

Moonstone and Tourmaline Bracelets

Over time I found that I could wear all the elements depending on how I feel. So each day I tune in and choose what feels balancing to me.

Five Simple Steps for You to Do the Same

1.   Download a free astrology chart online if you don’t already have one. You will need your date, place and time of birth. alabe.com/freechart/

2.   Check the table included here for the symbols of the planets, so you can identify which planets are on your chart. Then use the table to find their element. Total up the elements.

3.    Notice if they are equally distributed among the elements. If they aren’t, choose crystals of the elements you want to increase. I enjoy wearing the stones as jewelry, though I have also put tumble stones in my pocket, my bed, or the bath. Trust your intuition on which stones to use, and how to use them.

4.    If your elements are in balance, use the elemental information to choose crystals when you want to enhance particular elemental energy. (More detailed information on resonating with the elements, including descriptions of the elemental energies and the elemental energy of some stones, is available from my Crystal Resonance Therapy colleague, Silla Von Faulk Trueworthy at   http://www.bodykneadsandenergetics.com/-1-RESONATING-W--THE-ELEMENTS.html )

5.   You can use The Book of Stones, co-authored by Naisha Ashian, to find the element of each crystal listed. I found that the garnet stones in my anklet are earth element stones, which were clearly needed for my elemental balance. I wonder what you might find. . . 

Buying, Rather Than Making 

You might prefer to carry tumble stones in your pocket, or to wear bracelets and necklaces, without having to make them. Beautiful, affordable, high quality stones and jewelry are readily available. As a Certified Crystal Resonance Therapist with 500 hours of training and many years experience working with, and buying crystals, clients and friends often ask me where to go and what to buy. In response I created an upcoming Event: Crystal Shopping with the Pro's at the Walnut Creek Crystal Fair, on October 11th from 10am -2pm. 

I will be your Personal Shopper and Guide, answering your questions and highlighting unusual finds and great buys. You will get a great introduction to buying and using crystals from me, and Crystal Vendor Nina Kirby of Crystal Clan, plus free gifts, discounts, and introductions to my favorites of the 35 vendors. 

Come check out the crystals, minerals, fossils, beads, jewelry, sun catchers, wands, drums, psychic readings, aura photos, and more. Get the details for my event at https://www.facebook.com/events/720026381423005/  or email me for more information wiseinfo@me.com.